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SAP HR-ABAP Online Training

 : SAP HR-ABAP Online Training
Category  : Technical
Duration  : 45 hrs
Timing  : Week Days: 2 hrs per day (OR) Weekends: 3 hrs per day
Method  : Online / Classroom Training
Breaks  : 10 minutes if required
Study Material  : Would be Shared
System Access  : For 2 Months

What is SAP HR-ABAP ?

            There is nothing much difference between abap and hr abap. The way we retrieve the data from data base is deferent. In general ABAP data is stored in Tables, but coming to HR ABAP employee data is sorted through Infotypes. The way we retrieve the data from infotypes is deferent in hr abap.

            In general ABAP we use Logical data base very rare, as in HR ABAP most of the programs use Logical data base to select data from Infotypes by using Get event. In ABAP we use read statement to read particular record, still in HR ABAP we do use read statement apart from that we have Macros and provide statement.

            Macro is pre defined code (like function module) which reads data from internal table (internal infotype) based on dates.Provide statement is like Select statement but selects data from internal table Storage and access of data in hr abap is completely deferent in hr abap comparing with ABAP. We use transaction code PA20 and PA30 to maintain data in infotypes.

Course Details

 ABAP Introduction:

             • Introduction
             • What is SAP R/3? SAP R/3 architecture and Where ABAP fits in
                ABAP Work bench – Basics
             • Data types and Data objects
             • Internal tables
             • Subroutines
             • Function modules


Data dictionary Objects

             • Data base tables
             • Views


ABAP Reporting – SE38

             • Sample programs

Data transfer methods

             • Session and Call transaction method
             • BAPI


Performance tuning & Debugging

             • SQL trance
             • Extended programming check
             • Break points and debugging methods


HR-ABAP Content:

HCM Overview

             • Components of HR Module
             • Over view of HR modules
             • How HR is different from Other Module


HR Programming

             • Logical database PNP/PNPCE
             • Structure of Database Tables in HR module (Infotypes)
             • Infotype Structure
             • Time constraints in HR
             • Infotypes - Data retrieval
             • Repetitive Structure and List Display
             • Macros in HR


Working with Infotypes

             • Customer Infotypes of OM & PA Modules
             • Standard Infotype Enhancements


OM & PA modules

             • Enterprise structure
             • Personal structure
             • OM relation ships
             • PA reports
             • OM reports


Pay roll Module

             • Payroll Basics
             • Working with clusters
             • Payroll process
             • Payroll reporting – Using function modules
             • Retro and off cycle payroll importance


Time Management Module

             • Positive and Negative time managements
             • Absence and Attendance Maintenance
             • Time Management Reports
             • Time data uploads against the time quotas


Recruitment Module

             • Reporting in recruitment module
             • Custom Infotypes for recruitment module


HR Authorizations

             • Authorizations in SAP
             • Structural/Structural authorizations

Reporting tools

              • SAP Query


Miscellaneous Topics

              • Features
              • Number range maintenance
              • Enhancements in HR


ESS & MSS – Overview & Significance